Our Staff



Stephanie Westberg is a Senior Pilates Instructor who works with individuals of all fitness levels to encourage functional movement. Stephanie believes Pilates is foundational work that will build strength as well as balance. Stephanie uses the method of Pilates to build strong core, as well as, a kinetic awareness of the body.  Stephanie believes with the kinetic connection we can direct where and how our body moves.   Stephanie has practiced and taught Pilates for over 10 years and has owned and operated her own Pilates Studios and now works with many studios in the DMV area.  Stephanie holds a bridge certification from Balance Body and is preparing to become PMA certified.  Stephanie additionally holds a bachelors degree in Hotel Restaurant Management from Boston University.



Karla Brooks is a native Washingtonian. She graduated from Duke Ellington School of the Arts where she majored in classical ballet. She danced professionally for over a decade with various ballet companies throughout the states. Karla was introduced to the Pilates discipline during her dance career. She has over 20 years of personal  Pilates practice and teaching experience.

Karla was a member of the teaching faculty at Body Arts and Science International(BASI), an internationally recognized certifying organization.  She remains a featured model in many of BASI’s study guides and manuals.
Karla’s fitness background includes certifications from the American Council on Exercise(Health Coach)AFAA(Group Exercise Instructor) Healthy Mom’s Fitness(Perinatal Specialist) and BASI(Comprehensive Pilates).
Courtney Puidk
RD, Stott Instructor
Courtney is a comprehensively trained Stott Pilates instructor. She has been a Pilates enthusiast since 2008 and started as an instructor in 2010. She has fun incorporating an athletic emphasis into contemporary Pilates, and believes that the original method and basic principals of Contrology should be preserved to see best results. Recently, Courtney inflicted a knee injury and was told by the orthopedic surgeon that she didn’t need to see a physical therapist because she does Pilates. This made her very happy, and is a testament to the Joseph Pilates quote, “Change happens through movement, and movement heals.”