The Practice of Vast Open Sky

Body like a mountain Breath like the wind Mind like the sky ~Tibetan Meditation Instruction By Leo Babauta A number of meditation traditions have practices that are a dropping of the ego into wide open awareness. I’d like to share this kind of practice with you, because it is one of the most powerful experiences you

Pilates for Meatheads: The Yin-Yang of Training

We know how vital lifting weights is to our overall health just as much as we know Top Gun is the greatest movie of all time (not even up for debate). But as a lifelong meathead, I’ve found that strength training alone can’t be the only thing I cultivate for my health, and neither should

8 Ways to Add More Movement Throughout Your Day

FIT LIFE - April 15, 2015 Modernization can be both a blessing and a curse. Everything from the modern factory to the home has been upgraded with easy-to-use machines or appliances, making life easier in many ways, but there is a downside. Technology tends to reduce our opportunities to be physically active throughout the day,

Resting Between Weight Sets

Q: When lifting weights, why should you rest between sets? A: Muscles need time to replenish some of their energy supply and make training adaptations. So, rest one to three minutes between sets. Shorter rests are better for building endurance than for strength, however, and they help keep your heart rate up—providing something of a

Core Exercises to Relieve Back Pain

By Diana Rodriguez  Reviewed by Cynthia Haines, MD Exercise that strengthens muscles all over your body may be just what the doctor ordered for your back pain. When your back hurts, all you probably want to do is curl up in bed or on the couch and rest, waiting for the pain to end and the healing

Safeguard Your Shoulders

Foam roll - mid to upper back Sets: 1 Lie face up on the ground with a foam roll under your mid back and your hands supporting your head. Lift your butt off the ground so that your weight is supported by your feet and the foam roll. Roll from the middle of your back

Stability Ball workout

Crunches (stability ball) Lie with your back arched over a stability ball holding a weight behind your head. Place your feet flat on the floor. Your butt and back should drape over the ball so you feel a mild stretch in your abs. Keeping your abs tight, lift your shoulders off the ball to curl

Get Fit During the Holidays

zen habits: How to Get Fitter During the Holidays By Leo Babauta Because of a number of family gatherings in the past week, I’m feeling heavy. I’ve overeaten and my exercise has been minimal. That’s just a part of the holidays sometimes — things get so busy you can’t help but let your healthy habits

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